Blog posts...not so great. Life...not so great. Everything...not so great.

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't been posting I have just been trying to improve my blog and we'll this is it (ish). So I'm really excited because I just found out that I might be able to go out for the first time in like three and a half months! But the only problem is it will be in like a month. Like come on you tell me that I can go out , I get excited , I pack and then you tell me it's in about a month. Really. And as if that wasn't great enough my only communication with my friends and family ( Skype) has a glitch in so it isn't working. I don't know if it is my phone or the app but I haven't been able to speak to them in days. 😒 

Aren't you bored of this whole thing. Not being able to go to school ( not that I missed the boring lessons ) , having to be 2 meters away from everyone we encounter , not going to places , being stuck inside , the list goes on forever!

Well that's all for now
Bye xxx😒


  1. So guys do you think my blog is slightly better ? Don't be afraid to say what you are thinking. I know I have room to improve and with the help of your comments it will be better and internet famous ! ( ok maybe that's a bit dramatic but it could still happen ).


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